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#BEERspiration | Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

#BEERspiration definition: being inspired by BEER! Marketing = a ton of research. I always like to see what other breweries are up to and observe their social media marketing. You can always learn something new or find inspiration this way. So with that, I decided to do something new on my personal page and add it to my blogs on my website!

#BEERspiration- Featuring breweries that have inspired me either with their marketing or just things in general that I love about their brand. 

This #BEERspiration is one of my favorite all time breweries, Sierra Nevada. You know this brand just by looking at their ninja turtle green can or even just seeing a bottle. I bow down to their social media handles across the board having 350k followers on IG, 298,037 followers on FB, and 208.6k followers on Twitter. They got it down y’all and set a great example of what a full lifestyle brand embodies. Yes, I said lifestyle brand! They’ve managed to make their brewery’s essence into an entire way of life. Their go-to hashtag is #ENJOYOUTDOORS and they live this mantra consistently throughout their posts. They touch on all active and leisurely activities- hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, etc. And it all ties back into their name and brand: The true lifestyle of someone who lives in the Sierra Nevada mountain range... or anywhere similar.

Here are a few things that I just love:

-Videos! Their videos are so simple. From animated stills or videos that tell a story. They are using their videos effectively.

-Content! You can tell their content is thought-out with purpose, never repetitive or boring. All of their content is catered to their audience and stays true to their brand.

-Events! They host kick ass events. Their Oktoberfest is a great example of an annual event done right and having a beer to go with it. (who wants to go with me this year?!)

-Branding! So consistent. So clear. From their tap handles, to their clothing, to their packaging. Everything is aligned. I even dug in deep on their Instagram posts to learn that they make conscious efforts to create their merchandise inspired by their beers! Amazing.

A true OG in the beer game, SN is #goals! I could go on about more awesome things they do but you get the picture! I'm super fortunate to have visited their Asheville, NC location on Mills River during my time at White Labs. Beautiful. What beer dreams are made of!

My favorite SN beer: Nooner. A crisp, spicy, light Pilsner. It's always time for a Nooner in my book.

Doing this has definitely inspired me and I hope it does for you as well! Even if you're not a business owner or in a creative position with your company, I hope it gives you insight on how marketing can make or break a brand.

Until the next #BEERspiration, cheers!

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