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Content Marketing

What is content marketing? The most important thing you need to know about content marketing is that it’s all about building relationships.

Let me break it down:

-Sharing valuable content

-Sharing consistently

-Creating a connection


Often times when researching companies websites and social platforms, a secret ingredient is missing from their messaging: The connection between them and their customer. Share content that presents a source of value in the life of your customer. You’re not just sharing a fluffy post or posting for likes. You’re creating a connection that speaks to your audience and with doing that consistently, you are building trust. This will cause customers to come back and stay connected, or ultimately be a decision maker in making a purchase for your product.

Sharing valuable content:

Put out content that your audience wants to see. Content that speaks out to them and relates to them. They will take note that you have invested time in placing their wants and their needs first. Because it really is about putting your customer first and not about what you want. Be transparent. Your customers want the real. Share behind the scenes info, upcoming products, and feature employees. Let them get to know you and start building that trust.

Sharing consistently:

Commit to your posts and scheduling them out. If all you can handle is posting once a week or twice a week, do it so that it becomes mindful to your customer and they know when to expect information from you. Research your peak times and post trends. If your posts gain more traction in the morning, then schedule to post in the morning. If you notice a specific topic or type of post is popular, then share more of that content. Always test these out more to figure out what works for you. I will most likely share a blog on Social Media Calendars and strategy so stay tuned!

Creating a connection:

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Creating a connection doesn’t happen overnight. It is a gradual process that takes time, care, and lots of love. ENGAGE. Respond to comments, questions, and messages. Go on a liking spree and give photos a thumbs up or a double tap, especially if they are tagging you in posts and featuring your product. Your customers take the time to give you a shoutout, you can do the same. It goes a long way and you will start to see that if you are engaging. You’re creating a connection by actually connecting to your customers. Make them feel important and that they matter because they do and they will ultimately become loyal customers.


Once you find what works for your brand, roll with it. Consistency is key. If you fall off a schedule, your customers will notice. Always stay on top of new trends, what others in your industry are doing and what you can do to stand out.

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