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What a Good Social Media Manager should do for you:

First off, you are probably asking yourself, “What is a Social Media Manager?” And “When did that become a thing?”

At this day in age, SOCIAL MEDIA is EVERYTHING. It consumes us. It’s the first thing we look at when we wake up, the last thing we look at before bed and all of the other times in-between. Businesses are now catching on to the power of social media and if used right, can be a very effective and profitable tool. Cue the position of a Social Media Manager and the demand for this role as a full-time paid position. This is very common! Social Media is in it's own wheelhouse and Social Media Managers are making a name for themselves.

To give some insight on how I got started in the social media realm prior to starting my business and working for Abnormal, I naturally grew a hat for it in addition to the multiple hats I wore at White Labs while on the marketing/events team. It was something I thoroughly enjoyed and grew a passion for. For those that are familiar with White Labs, they are more than a yeast company and cater to more than just the beer industry. They also cater to the wine and distilling industries, so I had to be an absorbent little sponge and dedicated myself to learn everything I could to be able to post on social media for any specific audience on any given day. (I learned a lot here!) With no apparent social media presence, I assisted in developing a clear social media voice and sense of culture for White Labs. I was also successful in growing the Instagram following from non-existent to 12k in only a short time frame of less than 2 years. And how did I do it?! I will share some nuggets on what a good Social Media Manager should be doing for you right here, right now.

Research & Education. Knowledge is POWER!

A good Social Media Manager should do their homework. This takes time. Precious time is dedicated to learning about the company you are going to be working with. Dive into the history/culture of the company. Research their previous presence on Social Media and take into account what they’ve done, what’s working for them and what’s not, and how they can improve. Take the time to figure out the essence and the voice of the brand to make sure they deliver the right messaging and content to their audience. Learn everything there is to know about the company’s products and services, even hours of operation. (Trust me, someone will ask :))  A tried and true social media manager knows that research is never-ending!

… this goes into writing.


Having the voice of the brand carry through to every post on social media is key. If there is more than one person posting and creating content for your company's social pages, it can easily be detected and might turn your followers away or cause confusion if there is lack of consistency. The more consistent you are with your content and the tone of voice used in your copywriting, the more your followers will feel like they are truly getting to know your brand and start connecting with you. When locking down a Social Media Manager, keep the following in mind:

  • Can he/she clearly convey an idea in writing?

  • Is he/she able to maintain a consistent voice when writing on behalf of the company?

  • Can he/she convey passion and excitement for the business or products(s) through his/her writing?

  • Can he/she maintain top-notch professionalism and avoid embarrassing grammatical or spelling errors?


Social Media should never be an after- thought.

A good Social Media Manager has content planned out for you. Each post has a purpose. Good content is thought out, created, and implemented to engage your followers.

For example: Upcoming special events. Your Social Media Manager should be planning ahead to promote your event based off of a given timeline. Promoting for one event on social media takes more than just one post. It takes multiple teasers, informational posts, updates, and anything exciting leading up to that day... and your Social Media Manager is scheduling them out. In a perfect world, timelines are never interrupted but in the real world… sh*t happens and you roll with the punches. So when timelines get thrown off, your Social Media Manager is resilient and resourceful and adjusts timelines as necessary.

Producing Good Content & Eye Catching Images

Social Media for a business is more than taking a picture on your Iphone and posting it with a catchy caption. This goes back to my first blog on “Content Marketing.”

“Put out content that your audience wants to see. Content that speaks out to them and relates to them. They will take note that you have invested time in placing their wants and their needs first. Because it really is about putting your customer first and not about what you want. Be transparent. Your customers want the real. Share behind the scenes info, upcoming products, and feature employees. Let them get to know you and start building that trust.”

It doesn’t stop there. How can you take your images a step above Iphone photo status? It all depends on the industry you are in and who your customers are. But always, always put out quality images and high quality photos.

For Example: If you are a restaurant, you will want to post crisp and clean photos of dishes on your menu and you will be posting many food photos on your social media channels for your audience to see. Photos from an Iphone or smartphone will just not do. If that means you need to invest into a camera or outsourcing a photographer, then I highly recommend this. Do your dishes and your business justice by posting beautiful, quality photos of your creations!


Try adding text to your images. But don’t get carried away… Stay consistent with the text you choose, the colors you play with, and be careful with the placement of the text. Whatever style of text you choose, make sure it’s congruent to your brand and it comes across readable to your customers.


Videos are the new thing. If you are on Instagram, studies have shown that people are watching Instagram Stories more than scrolling through posts. So if you are a business on Instagram, take advantage of this feature. Even producing short, 1 minute videos and posting to Instagram can extend your reach to consumers and people that might not be already following you. Have fun with this and give it a try.

Having a Customer Service Mindset

With Social Media being one of the top resources for customers, your Social Media Manager must have a Customer Service Mindset. This means responding to inquiries, messages, and responding to comments on your pages. Answering in a timely manner goes a long way and being able to diffuse situations offline are all aspects of a good Social Media Manager. The customer's happiness is #1. This is not something that can be developed, it’s a magical skill. Social Media Manager’s are also angels!


To close out I would like to say, Social Media Managers are awesome. We take on a big role and stand in the trenches to get things done! "Whatever it takes for the shot!" Right?! Even though we are behind the scenes most of the time, we are responsible for creating experiences and moments for our followers to connect with. It's a role bigger than us and it makes it all worth it.

A reminder, Social Media magic doesn't happen overnight. It's curated.

Thanks so much for reading! Go out and chase those dreams, xoxo.

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