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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

It’s been an unpredictable year to say the least... From March 2020 and now going into December, we have adapted to this new normal- being less social face to face and being more social from our phones and computer screens.

What's been hard to witness during this time, are some of our local small businesses having to close their doors for good. We're here to provide support in any way we can. So in light of these current circumstances, I'd like to share some motivation to all small businesses still hanging on. In this blog, I will go over why it's important to make sure your business is on social media during a pandemic.

This blog will be full of:


... and lots of it.

To my fellow small business owners, let's support one another and stay strong. Right now it's important to understand that it's a crucial time to stay connected with your followers and to stay up to date on your social media pages. Why? It's a given! With all of this downtime during quarantine, the #1 thing people are doing is looking down at their phones on social media. It's happening this very second... Out of boredom, out of habit and out of necessity just to stay sane.

So after having more downtime than usual myself, I’ve observed what other companies are doing on their social media platforms. These are some pointers on how to STAY SOCIAL.


Provide Updates

It’s more than ok to give an update on what your company is experiencing during this time, how you are pushing through it and what your plans are. Transparency is everything. Your followers are your people. They will certainly appreciate it and it's always good to keep them in the know.

One example for this specifically that I'd like to share- a company in the beer industry in particular, shared a video message from their company CEO. Not always do you see a CEO on the front lines or receive a direct message from them so it was very notable. They provided an update on what challenges they were currently facing and how they were planning to overcome it, and still provide their quality product to their consumers. I thought it was awesome to have the owner of the company speak out and it came across very personable and genuine. But also, I think that it's great they took the time to reach out to their community on social media.  

Updates are going to make great content for your social media pages. If anything has changed, let your people know! With so many rules and laws coming and going, or in and out of effect, you will need to update your followers as often as those changes occur. Your business hours have probably changed or points of contact may be different. Any communication you can provide will be so helpful for your followers, customers and/or clients to get into contact with your business if they have any questions or concerns.


We've got to survive somehow. With businesses having to close for regular operations, how can you continue making any sort of revenue? If you haven't already, it's a great time to take your business online. Create a page or section on your company website to sell your products. You can promote this transition by sharing a social media post with an update or include helpful instructions, and direct your followers to your website. Post updates on social media as often as needed as a reminder, or as an update for someone seeing it for the first time.

Stay Consistent

Keep on, keeping on! It's important to stay in touch! You don't want to have huge gaps in between your social media posts. Scheduling and planning out your content will help you out so much! Try not to post, just to post. Provide value when planning out your content. You don't have to post something everyday- but stay present and consistent.

Remember, everyone is at home on house arrest (for the most part) and on their phones 90% of the time. < Take that thought and use it as motivation to stay consistent and not slack on your social media. 

Be Engaging, BE SOCIAL

Social Media is a form of customer service. So remember to reply back to inquiries or comments in a timely fashion. This is also a great time to ask your followers for feedback. Utilize stories on Instagram and Facebook and engage with your audience with posts like:

  • Tell us your favorite _______. (product, event, staff member, etc.)

  • Ask what content they would like to see more of

  • Do a Poll

  • Social Media Contest/Giveaway

Not only are these great opportunities to engage but also CONNECT. Any time you can involve your followers that are loyal to you, you make them feel like they matter. And they sure do!

Show Support and Positivity for the Small Biz Community

I absolutely love seeing small businesses band together and encourage their followers to support other small businesses. I've seen local restaurants/breweries cross promote. Any content you can create that provides encouragement is a plus. We all need as much good juju as we can get right now so continue to spread the love to all businesses- big and small!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this helps any business trying to stay afloat and inspires you to keep up your activity on social media. 

We are all in this together!

Remember, all we have right now is social media to stay connected. Use this platform as much as possible and keep the spirit of your business alive.

Sending safe and happy thoughts all around the world right now. Cheers!

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