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Branding: 9 Signs of a Strong Brand

Are you marketing your business in the best way possible, so that people discovering you have a clear understanding of who you are and what you are all about? If you haven't dissected your branding approach into segments below, now is the time to re-evaluate and establish a solid foundation for your business.

Knowing Your Dream Client

It's so important to know who you are marketing to. A strong brand has their dream client dialed in. They've done the research and created the narrative- taking a deep dive into their daily life. Putting themselves in the shoes of their ideal client and not limiting it to only what they do for work or what their income may be, but everything else about them: what part of town they live in, interests, hobbies and favorite things. When it comes down to their needs, you know your business can help them. When you really take the time to understand and identify your dream client, your messaging presents itself to be more authentic and genuine.


Set the tone- Whether your tone is playful, feminine, masculine, modern, polished, educational, or a mix…. how you project your company's voice across all of your marketing efforts, will play a huge factor in establishing a connection with your audience.

Clear Messaging

Since you have identified your dream client and have set the tone for your brand, let them hear what you have to offer them. Clear messaging means that anytime you "speak", it isn’t confusing or misconstrued for your audience. Your tone and voice remains consistent throughout your social media channels, your marketing collateral, and your website. Your ideal client acknowledges you, what you bring to the table and what you’re capable of doing for them.

Logo/Brand Presentation

Your logo is usually the first thing people see when navigating to your website and your social channels. One thing to always consider when coming up with a logo is- is your logo memorable? It's a depiction of what your company stands for. And this runs across the board for the overall presentation of your brand. Always have the mindset that your business is the complete package. Does everything go together? And does this speak to our people? When creating a strong brand, the details count including your choice of fonts, color palette, and images you use in advertisements and marketing collateral. All of these should be a representation of who you are, but also remember to think of looking at your brand from a clients point of view. Would they remember you?


I can go on about this.... but I will keep this section short and sweet. Having passion behind your branding & marketing tactics have the power to set you apart. Your ideal clients will sense and pick up on what you believe in and everything you stand for. They will want to work with you because of it, period. When you believe in something so much and do it with conviction there is no denying the passion behind it.


STAND OUT. You know you are different from other companies/competitors but it's in your creative hands to make that call easy for your dream client to choose you. What makes your brand so unique and special? Your tone, your messaging, and your marketing all come into play. If there is something your brand and your brand alone can do- capitalize on this notable quality.


Proof is in the pudding and you're here to serve it out. You're the expert but can you prove it? This doesn't mean you gotta brag, but evidence of success always makes you more credible. A single, most-authenticating type of credibility comes from referrals. This means clients know you, what you do, and trust you enough to refer someone else to you. By word of mouth, you are able to stay relevant and memorable in your industry. Those are always bonus points for your dream clients.


Another proof of credibility is how consistent you are. This falls in line with all of your branding & marketing strategies. A great way to stay consistent and keep in touch with your customer base is being present on social media. Keeping your ideal client in the loop and updated and providing updates every step of the way. Consistency builds trust.


Create brand awareness. Get your company out there. Utilize social media, email blasts, and dial it in. Strategy is everything. Let the world know who you are and what you stand for. If there are upcoming events in your community and in your industry- be there. These are great opportunities for networking and getting face to face with potential customers.

Does your brand check off all the boxes?

Of course a lot more goes into creating a strong brand, but these segments at least allow you to break it down and understand how you can market your brand to it's fullest potential.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing :)

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